Personal Data Protection Policy

In light of the importance of information security and the protection of personal information in an advanced information society, the Hotel Togen manages and protects information that the company possesses under the following policies.

1. When We Collect Personal Information

Personal information will be obtained from guests for the cases :
(1) Reservation
(2) A request for brochure
(3) Others (We clarify the purpose of collecting personal information.)

2. Use of Personal Information

Personal information obtained from guests will be used for the following purposes:
(1) Reservations, brochure sending, replying email, and other service regarding to hotel service
(2) We need to contact guest(s) for some reason
(3) When the guest has given a prior consent to the disclosure

3. The Range of Collecting Personal Information

Personal information obtained from guests is necessity minimum to provide service.
We do not require other personal information to provide other service.
(We clarify what is the necessity minimum information to put a mark.)

4. Storage of Personal Information

We save guests' personal information for our service records and delete the information after a certain period of time.

5. Management of Personal Information

The database of the guests is managed by an administrator at the hotel.

6. Limitations on Transfer to the Third Parties

We will not provide or disclose your personal information without your consent except in the following cases;
(1) A guest accept to disclose his/her personal information.
(2) Disclosure or provision is required by laws or regulations.
(3) Disclosure is required to protect human life, health, or property in cases where obtaining customer consent is difficult.

7. Use of the Statistics

To analyze the quality of our service, we may use guests' information.
In this cases, we do not use any information to identify an individual.

8. Security Measures

We manage our customers' information according to the strictest standards and take the utmost care to prevent leaks, loss, or alterations.
On the website, we do not collect any information from cookie.
The website uses access log to take the statistics and to analyze unauthorized access. We do not use access log information for the other purposes.

9. Revision of Privacy Policy

Significant modifications to this privacy policy will be announced on the website.

10. Inquiry

If you have any questions on the privacy policy on the website, please contact us from this page.

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